Error 400/503: The Proxy is up, but the backend is disconnected. Likely internet failure/degradation at the store.

Please check that your wifi is connected to the CRISP network and you can connect to the internet. You may want to restart your router.


Error 502/504: These are essentially the same error, and may only mean slightly different things to our IT Team.

These usually means the all stores are temporarily unavailable for configuration. Point of Sale should still be working normally. We may be performing maintenance on our cloud system. For wide-spread outage status, visit


Error 404. Page not found. The proxy has not been configured to work with this server.

Your store is likely not yet live. Please contact Crisp in order to gain access.


This means a name has not been assigned for this error code.

Please report it to the Crisp team so the problem can be diagnosed and fixed.