Cash Drop Procedure

There are two ways to record a cash drop: from the POS or from the Backend Website.

From the POS:

  1. Enter the cash drop page.
  1. Rather than removing the starting till amount from the cash in your drawer, simply enter that number in the "Start Till" field.
  2. Count all the cash in your drawer.
  3. Thanks to the Cash Drop Formula, we can easily see the total amount counted from the cash drawer, and what amount needs to be removed to reset the drawer to the starting amount!
  1. Press the “Drop Cash” button to complete the cash drop.

From the Backend Website:

Sign into the Backend Website, then select 'Employee'

  1. From here click on 'Cash Drop' to bring up the history and reports
  1. Click on the blue “+” icon to create a new cash drop.
  2. Enter in the information from the cash drop including the “Start Till” amount!
  3. Click save. Your cash drops have now been recorded!

Note: Cash Drop reports are found in the backend website by clicking Home > Employee > Cash Drop. (Only employees with the correct permissions are able to access this page).

After completing your cash drops, the report will show which registers were included in the count, who performed the cash drop, the amount expected to be in the drawer, and the actual amount in the drawer. You can also keep track of whether any money was deposited elsewhere, and how much!

"Over" or "Under" in the cash drop report tells you how much more or less money you have in your cash drawer than what is expected. It's normal for a cash drop to report a small variance, whether you are "over" or "under". However, if there seems to be a large difference, this may be reason for concern, which you may want to address with your employees.