Announcements & Quizzes

Sometimes you need to re-train employees on something they're not doing well, or remind them of a promotional offer happening this week. With Announcements and Quizzes, you can effectively communicate those messages to those who need it!


Announcements will display on the POS immediately after an employee taps "Clock-In". To successfully complete their clock-in, they must read the announcement, and correctly answer any "quiz questions" you assign to the announcement. Once finished, their clock-in will be registered as successful, and they can continue onto their work day as usual.

  • Any employee that meets the set requirements and clocks-in while an announcement is active will have to complete it to successfully complete their clock-in.
  • An employee will only have to complete an announcement/quiz once. After completing an announcement, the next time they log-in or clock-in, they will be able to do so without viewing the announcement.
  • You can have multiple announcements active at the same time. Employees will need to complete each of them before clocking-in.
  • In the case that an employee wants to review what the announcement was, they can open the sidebar menu on the POS and tap Management > Announcements to review them.

To Create a New Announcement/Quiz:

  1. Login to your Franchise Dashboard
  2. In the sidebar, click Management > Announcements
  1. Click the green “+” button in the bottom right corner
  2. Create an announcement title, and choose the date range, store location and job groups you want to view the announcement. Then add the announcement text, and create any quiz questions (optional) you'd like your employees to pass before finishing their clock-in
  1. Click "Save"

Active/Inactive Announcements:

  • An announcement will automatically deactivate when it reaches its expiration date.
  • You can manually deactivate an announcement before its scheduled expiration date by toggling the announcement "On/Off".
  • An announcement will not successfully activate unless the expiration date is set past the current date.