Employee pins are automatically generated to ensure account security on the POS and to manage pin codes for large workforces.

New or existing employees can access/change their pin under My Account on the Crisp Dashboard.

1. Sign into the Crisp Dashboard

2. Navigate to my account in the side navigation

What if I have access to multiple stores?

At the top of the page you will see a dropdown for all stores available to you. Select the store you wish to find, create, or change a pin code for. 

+ Change Pin: Will update your pin code for the selected store to something new
+ Show Pin will display your hidden pin code

What if I don't have a pin for this store?

Based on Job settings, you may have to request a pin code for a store. If your screen looks like the image below, tap "create pin" to generate a pincode for the store selected in the dropdown.

Can I have the same pin for all locations?

No, at this time the way pin codes are generated make them unique for each store. You can always find your pin for a store you are visiting by coming to your My Account page here in your Crisp dashboard.