Create Employee/User Profile

When your employees information is entered into your Crisp database you can schedule them for shifts, track hours, and receive request from them.

User Management

  1. Sign into your Crisp Dashboard
  2. Select the ‘Team’ tab in the side navigation, then select ‘Users’

Assign Employee to Job

Find the job that you want to assign an employee to. Jobs are defined by a set of permissions, these jobs are created by Admins in you crisp dashboard.
To Learn more about jobs and job groups see our article 'Creating Jobs'

Notes on jobs:
Jobs have two primary functions.

1. User permissions are defined by their job

2. Jobs are used for scheduling.

Add Employee

Select New Employee under the job they should have.
Fill out the information presented. Be aware that users can not be created without an email address.
Users can also not have the same email address as any other user.

Please Note:

The employee's new PIN number will be automatically generated, they can find this under my account in their crisp dashboard. 


Rights' refers to the permissions that this employee will be allowed to access within your system. To establish permissions roles, see our article 'Build Employee Permissions Roles'.

Your employee is now ready to go! They will receive a welcome email to set up a password for their account.