1. In the "DoorDash" room, start a new order.
  2. Set the pickup date and time of the order, then tap 'DONE'.
  3. Input the DoorDash order as you normally would.
  4. When all products have been inputted, tap 'CONFIRM'. This will save the ticket on the Order Overview screen and send it to your KDS.
  5. If needed, you can tap the ticket to view more options such as: change the pickup date/time, void an order, or mark it as picked-up.
  6. Additionally, you can just tap the pickup button on the Order Overview screen to quickly mark it as picked up.

You can set whether an itemized ticket is printed when you tap "picked up" in the Configurations page on the backend.

Additionally, we've attached an example of a weekly export that can be made to view a breakdown of 3rd party sales by ticket.

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