Access and Build your own Custom Reports:

This gives an example of how to access Custom Reports, build a custom report, and then save (favorite), the report so it can be quickly accessed again later.

  1. Login to the Franchisor Dashboard
  2. On the left hand side, click "Reports"
  3. Customize the parameters for your search! This includes what type of data you'd like to see (sales, labor, fraud), date range, stores, etc...
  4. Click "Apply Filters"

Favoriting Reports:

You can save these custom reports, making it easy to access them again and again, rather than building the report every time you want to see it! After running your custom report:

  1. Click 'Favorites' in the top right corner
  2. Click the heart button to add a new favorited report
  3. Create a name for the report
  4. Click "Create Favorite"

Your report is now saved and can be quickly and easily accessed!

Note: Your Favorites section comes with 4 saved reports by default: Yesterday's Product Sales, Store Sales per day of the week, Store sales of last 7 days, and Last month's labor.

Glossary of Terms:

Below is a list of the search parameters that can be customized in your report

  • Report Data: Sales will display your sales data. Labor will display employee wages, hours, and labor cost data. Fraud will display discount, void, and refund data per employee.
  • Row Fields: Select what values will display in the rows of your report
  • Column Fields: Select what values will display in the columns of your report
  • Period: Select the date range for your report
  • Day of the Week: Select which days of the week to include/exclude
  • Hour of the Day: Select which hours of the day to include/exclude
  • Stores: Select which stores to include/exclude
  • Rooms: Select which rooms to include/exclude. Rooms are the types of orders you take in store (walk-in, drive-thru, online orders, etc.)
  • Registers: Select which of your in-store registers to include (Counter, Drive-Thru, etc.)
  • Employees: Select which employees to include/exclude
  • Sale Sources: In Store includes all sales in store. Online Order includes sales from your website and mobile app. Third Party is excluded by default. This includes revenue from sources such as DoorDash, UberEats, etc...
  • Payment Methods: Select between Credit Cards, Cash, Gift Cards, Loyalty, etc.
  • Products: Select which products to include/exclude

Account Report

To access and run your accounting report:

  1. Login to the Franchisor Dashboard
  2. On the left hand side, click "Accounting"
  3. Select your date range and which store(s) you'd like to include in the report
  4. Click "Apply Filters"
  • The accounting report will give you your gross sales, net sales, sales tax, discounts, refunds, etc... for the date range you've selected.
  • You can view a glossary of terms and definitions by clicking the '?' button in the bottom right.
  • You can export your accounting report in .CSV or .XLSX format, or formatted for Compeat by clicking the 'Export' button in the bottom right.