Your entire menu (as it appears on the POS) is completely customizable from the backend.

Your backend can be accessed simply via URL if you know the direct link. Otherwise, you can also access a store's backend via the dashboard. From the Dashboard home, navigate to Stores > Overview. Select the desired location then "Login to Backend"

Adding a New Product

  1. From the Backend home page, navigate to Settings > Products
  2. To add a new product, select the large blue '+' symbol

*You'll be directed to the following form:

  1. Add the product name to 'Name (customer):' and the other names will auto-populate after saving
  2. Add 'Price:' of the product before tax. (Tax will automatically be added based on the 'Sales tax:' row).

*Note: The 'Active: checkbox indicates it is immediate available/visible on the POS. Likewise, 'Available Online' indicates the item is available to customers ordering online

  1. Hit save! The product or changes will not be saved if you back out of the page before clicking the 'Save' button'

Creating Categories & Adding Products to Categories

From the Backend home page, navigate to Settings > Categories

  1. To add a new category, select the large blue '+' symbol
  2. Add the Category name and subcategories (if relevant).

*Note: Subcategories must first be added as a new category before they can be added as a subcategory

  • Subcategories of the POS category are displayed on the POS screen in-store
  • Subcategories of the OnlineOrder category are displayed for customers ordering online

Adding Products to Categories

  1. Select the Product you'd like to nested under a category
  2. Scroll to to the bottom of the product page you have selected and you will find the 'Product Categories' section
  1. Select the '+' and choose the category you'd like to assign the product to.
  2. SAVE!